Do you do individual dog walks?

We only do petsits, but walks are included in the stay.

Are there any additional expenses?


Although if you would like inquire from your sitter as to what food they may like to have stocked, that would be lovely.

What do I have to provide?

Pet food, medications, toys, and other pet accessories. An info sheet with veterinary and other pet related information (collected and saved on our system during the application process). Towels and clean bed linen ought to be provided for volunteers.

What if my petsitter falls ill?

We always petsit as a pair, so if your petsitter falls ill and we do not have another volunteer available to take over, one of us can always split off to care for your pet.

How do I know it's safe?

All of our petsitters are carefully vetted with background checks and a thorough interview and training process. As of now all of our sitters are personal friends of ours.

Are my home and pet(s) insured?

We don’t provide pet insurance, but you can book one of our sitters through rover or dogvacay and they provide pet insurance throughout your booking.

Homeowner’s or renter’s insurance should cover our sitters as they are guests within your home.

Do you offer boarding?

At this time no, but we recommend using sites like rover and dogvacay .

I have a dogwalking, grooming, etc. service that would like to partner with you?

We’re glad to expand our community within NYC.  Contact us!

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