Why is in-house dog sitting better than boarding?

Professional in-house pet sitting benefits both pets and pet owners.

Pets are strongly bonded to their owners and their environment, and do not quickly adapt to being away from their owners. Being placed in a foreign environment, such as a kennel, leads to increased stress for pets, whereas in-house pet sitting reduces anxiety and allows your pet to be in a familiar, safe and secure environment. Your pet can maintain her/his regular diet and exercise routine, whilst being surrounded by familiar sights, smells and sounds.

In-house pet sitting ensures that the quality personalized care and love your pet deserves is delivered. Boarding facilities are usually unable to care for pets on an individual level due to the large number of pets at each facility, especially when it comes to personalized routines. In addition, with in-house pet sitting your pet is free of disturbance from other animals, and the risk of being exposed to illnesses from other pets is reduced.

An in-house pet sitter is your point of contact in case of an emergency. The pet sitter is able to deal with a range of ad hoc issues such as vet visits, grooming, taking out the trash, and caring for plants, as well as ensuring the security of your home while you are away. In-home petsitting also eliminates the inconvenience of transporting your pet to a boarding facility, and the travel trauma that many pets suffer in this situation.

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