About Us

Jennifer and Sandy are a couple of pet-lovers with a serious case of pet-fever. They decided to harness their animal obsession for the greater good of pets everywhere (in New York City) by starting Woof Woof NYC, New York City’s first in-home petsitting business.

The idea for Woof Woof NYC was born back in 2014, when Jennifer, a professional dog walker and boarder, began receiving constant requests from happy clients for her to petsit in their own homes. She loved doing this as it was both easier for her clients and helped their pets, who were sometimes wary of staying in strange places, feel more comfortable. So, she and her partner Sandy started Woof Woof NYC!

So who makes up the Woof Woof NYC network of petsitters?

Eventually, Jennifer starting receiving so many requests for in-home petsitting that she was unable to fill them all and had to turn some down or start doing drop-in visits.  But it was disheartening to simply drop in, feed and walk these animals, and then leave them alone for the rest of the day!

To solve this problem, she decided to recruit a network of trusted friends and referrals who love pets just as much as her to help her out. Since then, the Woof Woof NYC petsit network has grown to over 100 clients and 10 petsitters, still all friends and friends of friends who are properly qualified, trained, and vetted. Woof Woof NYC petsitters have flexible schedules, and many of them are freelancers like Jen, so they are able to spend lots of time with your pet! We even get together once a month for brunch to share puppy and kitty experiences.

What makes Woof Woof NYC unique?

  • The petsitters. Our petsitters are caring, responsible individuals who love your pets as much as you do. Many of us are freelancers with time to shower your pet with attention and a flexible schedule, and we are all college educated. More than that, we see petsitting as a delight and a pleasure, not as a job.
  • Affordable. We love caring for your pups and cats so much that we don’t ask for much in return, aside from a minimal fee to cover food and transportation. We are one of the most affordable petsitting services in NYC!
  • Clean. We promise to leave your place as clean as it was when we arrived, if not cleaner! We scrub your sinks, counters, floors, wash your bedding, and more, so that when you arrive home, you can collapse into bed and relax in a clean home.
  • Trained and qualified. All new sitters receive in-person training with one of our current clients, and we share news, experiences, and other petsitting tips through our network to help build and strengthen each other as petsitters. We also offer you a free Meet and Greet session, so that you can prep your petsitter for any special needs your pet may have.
  • Photos and live updates. Miss your little ball of fur? Worried about being away? You’ll get daily updates and photos of your loved one having fun with us. Fan of FaceTime? We’re more than happy to arrange FaceTime sessions between you and your pet!


Don’t just take our word for it. Read what our clients have to say about our fabulous petsitters.

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